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Hazardous Materials Project Management

Thuroona provides impartial trusted advice to our clients both national and international to manage the
removal or abatement of hazardous materials. This includes provision of project management and expert guidance for removal/remediation to ensure safety of workers and the public.

Management Systems

“Removal and disposal of hazardous materials including all types of asbestos, asbestos containing materials, lead, mould and synthetic fibres (SMF), resulting from demolition, environmental site remediation, and refurbishment (includingheritage listed works).”

Class 1 Demolition

At Thuroona we pride ourselves on being leaders in safe, efficient and innovative demolition and
decommissioning services. To mitigate against hazards and risk, we analyse every step of the demolition
and salvage process prior to work commencing. We understand that both manual and mechanical
demolition techniques require a wealth of experience and as such our team are highly trained in a diverse
array of dismantling and demolition projects.

Class A (Unrestricted) Asbestos

All types of Asbestos Friable and non-Friable including Naturally occurring Asbestos. Thuroona specialises in asbestos removal projects for the industrial, commercial and civil sectors, including sites situated in highly complex and hazardous environments. We have a comprehensive understanding of all state and territory Acts and Regulations.

Site Remediation

»»Asbestos Impacted soils
»»Lead Remediation
»»Hydrocarbons and heavy metals
»»Acid Sulphate soils  ... and more

Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks are considered an environmental risk as being located underground any uncontrolled release of substances stored within the tank may be difficult to detect or identify.

Rehabilitation / Site Clearing

»»Mine site
»»Tyre Removal
»»Built up waste
»»Earth moving
»»Geofabric lining

Waste Management

We have access to a specialist fleet of vehicles, fully equipped to take aqueous and sludge materials from a range of waste streams back to our facilities for processing and recycling.

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