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Indigenous Employment & Community Engagement


Thuroona Services are proud to be a Supply Nation Certified Supplier and we believe in indigenous  empowerment and employment.

The Thuroona team strongly believe in genuine economic opportunities for Indigenous Australians and that starts with community engagement, employing local, providing real transferable skill sets and promoting Indigenous advancement. We are proud to firstly support and engage other indigenous companies.

The key to every successful project is community engagement.

We build our relationships by firstly understanding our own employee’s and contractors backgrounds, undertaking one on one mentoring then providing support, inspiration and opportunities with vision for our workers to thrive as individuals.

Maintaining a connection to culture and country are critical  elements in our company. Aboriginal belief is that we are put on this earth to look after the land and our family. If we don’t look after the land, the land won’t look after us.   

By working together we will do our part in bridging the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.
By engaging Thuroona you will directly create Indigenous jobs and allow us to financially support the training and employment of Indigenous trainees, staff and contractors.

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