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Class 1 Demolition

At Thuroona we pride ourselves on being leaders in safe, efficient and innovative demolition and decommissioning services. To mitigate against hazards and risk, we analyse every step of the demolition and salvage process prior to work commencing. We understand that both manual and mechanical demolition techniques require a wealth of experience and as such our team are highly trained in a diverse array of dismantling and demolition projects.

  • Tanks, petrochemical, oil rigs and refining facilities

  • Redundant plant and buildings in sensitive operating facilities like airports, refineries, LNG plants, chemical plants, ore processing facilities

  • High-rise office and apartment blocks

  • Factories and other industrial buildings

  • Power Stations

  • Chimneys, silos, cooling and water towers

  • Pre-stressed concrete structures

  • Bridges, piers and marine facilities

  • Mine site Decommissioning

  • Oil Rig and Vessel Dismantlement

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